Hey! My logo designer friends now you can get the high-resolution free t-shirt mock up PSD template I have created for you after a huge response from you on our polo t-shirt mock up template.
I am really very happy providing you such free PSD mock up templates after getting your written response via email at
Please keep sending me emails with your suggestions and also let me know what type of mock-ups you want me to create for you.  Just like this free t-shirt mock up template I have created after getting a suggestions of one of my designers friends who suggested me to create a t-shirt mock up where I can use the logo on the t-shirt to showcase the logo itself and another feature which will help up to use the logo icon color merge with the t-shirt.
Here in this t-shirt mock up PSD template consists of these features what I have mentioned above.
I know sometimes you are in search of such mock up PSD templates which better represent  that particular industry for which you are working to create the brand. So why don't  you send me a just email l mentioning what you are looking for? I will be happy to receive more and more email as your valuable suggestions.
Not only that I will also keep updating you with the best free mock up PSD templates available on the web.