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To Be An Author:

You do not have to pay any author fee when you will join us as an author to sell your product. There is two ways to be an author with designertale. In a first way is invite only i.e. where we are inviting great authors from the web to join us to contribute their product and earn money and another way you can contact us directly via our contact us forms.

In a second way, you need to submit your online portfolio URL and you must write a detail about yourself and your works as well. There you need to mention every detail of the products you are going to create or sell with us. There will be a selection and scrutiny process where it takes 24 hours to 7 days to get an approval from our product quality control team. After the approval of the selection process, you must first complete your profile with the avatar, store name, and social url.

In this regard and sole discretion, our quality control team has full right to disapprove your application to be an author with us or control the limit of the products you can uploads, also in this process we can discontinue your access to the dashboard if your profile become silent for a long time like 45 days or if you are selling under quality products.

Your Selling Items:

Whenever you get approval from us you become an author of designertale. You will be eligible to get full access and control of your own dashboard with deisgnertale. You can no upload your products which will be sold as a designertale platform product. Any visitor coming to our site may purchase your product and automatically they will be given the product usage permission which is set as designertale licenses.

Whenever you will upload any product you are automatically signing or authorizing that the product is solely created by your own and you own the property rights of the product. You also abiding by that the product or products you are uploading for sale are not violating any other person or any party’s privacy, publicity and intellectual property rights. If in case you are doing such wrongful thing without our knowledge or hiding the originality of the sole product or products which infringe any other person or party’s all the above mention rights or any other violation then you will be solely responsible to pay all fees, royalties and other payments owed to any third person or product creator or the original product owner. With no query or question asked we will delete or remove all the products uploaded by you if we get to know in such prohibited activity is occurring which is assigned to an author without any prior notice. Any commission which will be unpaid till the date of the deletion of products or accounts of that particular author whose products infringe any others intellectual property rights with be forfeited with no question asked.

You are restricted to upload to our Marketplace any Items that are restricted, bear pornography, obscene, defamatory, profane, harassing, indecent or offensive or you are prohibited to upload such products or items which may hurt any religious activity or religion in addition products which infringe any third party property rights (copyrighted, licensed with other parties, trademark and other similar rights).

Whenever an author represents a company or design agency and works as a team to upload and sell products all the rights mentioned above will be assigned to the owner of the email address or the company registered with or the actual payee of the commission of the products which are being sold with designertale dot com. Whenever you are working as a team member you will be responsible for the violation of the author terms described herein and also you will be responsible to the termination of your company account along with the owner of the company or agency or the owner of the email addresses which have been used to register with deignertale.com to become an author.


Whenever you are selling a product or products with us you are assigned to get the commission for each sale of the product or product to your account. We have partially divided the commission terms in three different level.




500 - 1000 PRODUCTS




* On each level you earn the commission will be credited to your account. Your payout will be processed within 5 th of each calendar month. The tax and payout charges will be deducted at the time of payout. You are liable to pay 2.9% + $.30 for each sale you will be making and same will be deducted at the time of your payout.

Promotion Terms:

Your products uploaded for sale will come under the promotional terms of designertale.com. Designertale sales team will promote your products in various advertisement platform i.e. Google Adwards, Facebook, Pintersest, Linkedin Ads. Designertale also get the right to promote your products through the various email campaign set time to time with the designertale's owned email marketing agency. You will get all the assigned commissioned on each sale of the products under the promotional campaign. No additional cost you as an author have to pay regarding this promotion of the product.

Bundle Terms

Time to time designertale sales team will make bundle with one author's similar category or different category product from the back end and will offer them to the potential users with some affordable discount price as bundle deal. The author will get the commission assigned to them as is upon each sale of the product and will be credited on their paypal account. The author will have no control over the price of the bundle and the designertale authority will take care the promotional phases. Promotional programme may be created at any time of the year and the author will have no control over this.

*Designertale will have the right to change the terms and commissions time to time as situation arises. Authors will be notified to the changes of the terms and commission rates via email or notification.

If you have any question and query you can shoot an email directly to [email protected]