Users License Comes With No Cost Extended License

Your any downloads have been covered under one single extended license agreement. Whenever you are downloading any free products or Purchasing anything from our store as premium products you are bound to abide by our license agreement that described below. Designertale is offering two types of ‘products’ or ‘product’, the term you consider as any product or many products I.E.- free product (that comes under freebies category ) and premium products (for those you have to pay the assigned amount for particular and different product) which comes under the premium category. At the moment you are purchasing any product on any category described above you are liable to follow and maintain the license agreement which you will need to read below. Here the term ‘you’ only signify ‘you’ as a user or ‘you’ as a team member of a company when you have downloaded or purchased any one or more (one and above) item or items when ‘you’ is the one user or buyer of the product created your account using your personal email address or your company email addresses when you are and another team member as ‘you’ when ‘you’ have been registered using your company email address.


Our License Empowers You To

Use resources to create free end products or products for sale.
Utilize resources within personal and contracted client projects.
Incorporate resources into multiple projects.

But Here Are A Few Things You Can’t Do

Use resources on their own, as-is. You must integrate resources with other original design work and not use them as the primary design element within a design. Refer to the resource-specific FAQs for more details/exceptions.
Redistribute, sublicense, or share resources.
Resell resources as digital stock images/downloads. You may not resell work created from our resources in a manner that directly competes with the original product creator. For example, downloading an illustration pack, combining the illustrations to create a new illustration, and reselling it as a downloadable stock image is prohibited.


You may not use resources if the end client's annual revenue exceeds $25 million USD per annum. If you're working for or contracted by a company with an annual revenue exceeding this threshold, please contact us for a bespoke license.

Fonts – Do’s

Use them in e-books, online publications, and websites for personal use or one-time client projects.
Use them standalone for logos for personal projects or individual clients.
Use them standalone to create printable items for sale, such as birthday cards/posters, provided you provide your client with a flattened .PDF.
Use them standalone to create original slogans/phrases for sale on items like mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, etc.
Use them to create Word Art for personal projects or individual clients as long as they are part of a wider design and not singular words.

Fonts – Don’ts

Use them to create graphic flattened alphabets, digital alphabets (alphas), die-cut patterns, or stencil designs.
Create editable logo templates available for resale.
Embed the font on a third-party/Print on Demand website where unlicensed third parties can work with the font.

Icons Do’s

Use them to enhance web design or print design work.

Icons Don’ts

Use them where they would be an integral part of game play in a gaming app.
Use them as a primary illustration or logo mark for an organization.

Mockups & Scene Creators – Do’s

Use them as visual templates to showcase original designs.
Use them to create digital prints to present original designs.
Use them within WordPress themes or website templates, either as part of a flattened wider design or to showcase branding using the mockup template, as filler content within the layout.

Mockups & Scene Creators – Don’ts

Resell individual items that make up the mock-up template/scene creator.
Include isolated mockup templates or scene creator items within a WordPress theme or website template available for resale, wherein these items could be extracted and used by third parties.

Canva Templates Do’s

Upload a purchased Canva template to the Canva platform under the terms of their license for the purpose of working with this template to create an original design project.


Resell purchased Canva templates to other third parties.
Freely distribute purchased Canva templates to other third parties.

Patterns Do’s

Use them as a background within original designs.
Use them as an overlay within original designs.
Use them to fill specific areas within original designs.


Use them standalone on items for resale such as iPhone cases, bags, t-shirts, etc.

Photos Do’s

Use photo images on their own; not as part of a wider original design.
Use photo images in a mobile application or electronic template for resale.
Use photo images on print runs of items such as cards, stationery, stickers, and other paper products (up to 125,000 products).
Our license allows for a print run of up to 125,000 products. If your project exceeds this, please contact us.


Resell or redistribute photo images as digital stock photo image/downloads.
Use photo images as a trademark or logo design.

Brushes Do’s

Use them standalone to create original artwork for sale.
Use them standalone to create unique illustrations, including logos, for sale on items like mugs, t-shirts, and posters, etc.
Copyright end designs created using our brushes, provided they are original artwork sold as flattened end designs.
Use them to create hand-lettering Word Art for personal projects or individual clients.


Use them to create stamp brushes for resale.
Use them to create clipart for sale.
Create hand-lettered Word Art to sell en masse.

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