Interview with artsigma 99designs logo designer

Speaking With Artsigma 99designs Logo Designer

by Designertale in Designers on March 4, 2019

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Today we will share the success story of Artsigma 99designs most appreciated logo design winner.

Eduardo Artsigma – this is the name when we first noticed his amazing logo winning designs in 99designs.com. But his full name is
Eduardo Lessa Venancio and we have come to know when his first interview published in 99designs.com. He is not only a one of the top logo designers in 99designs.com but a great human being as well.

We congratulate him for his immense effort to become the top 99design logo designer and his future achievements as well.

Recently we have approached him to take an interview and we are really honored when he agreed to give us his precious time and shared some words about his success story as a logo designer.

Interview with eduardo artsigma 99designs logos
Artsigma 99designs Logo Designs

People want to know more about you. Please write a little bit about yourself. (What is your full name, where do you live, how did you achieve such logo design skill and a little bit about your personal life as well etc.)

→ I am Eduardo a 28 year boy from Brazil and I have with a Graphic Design degree. I have created more than 1000 logos with my creative skills and 10+ years experience.

People already started knowing about yourself when 99designs have published your first interview three years back. Now Artsigma designs have become more mature! What will you say?

→  I think that working every day makes us perfect and seek new paths. All the time I work as a logos designer gave me a better perspective of what can work for each company.

Why do you choose logo design as a profession?

→ I always enjoyed drawing, so I found a way to do what I like and work on it.

You are the star logo designer in 99designs.com and 99designs.com have featured your works on their discover pages. What is your feeling about that?

→ I will be eternally grateful to 99designs for all they are doing for me. But I also see all this as a great effort for what I have achieved today.

What are the qualities and design skill a person should have to be a great logo designer?

→ I think the person needs to be in depth of themselves and aware if what they are doing is really good for that company.

Interview with eduardo artsigma 99designs 2 1
Interview with eduardo artsigma 99designs 3

Artsigma 99designs Logo Designs

There are many new logo designers participating each day on logo design contests on 99designs.com. What do you think how should they start?

→  I think they should respect the designs of other designers and follow great designers of the platform to be inspired, but not copy their designers.

What is the graphic design software you use to prepare your logo from the start to upload your work on each 99designs logo design contest?

→ Corel Draw and Photoshop.

There is a part to write something like a description when a logo designer uploads their logo design on a project. How a logo designer should write here and what should be written?

→ Information about the project you have created.

The presentation is a big part in logo design when you need to gather some ideas and product mockups to present your logo in one page. Your logo presentations are always looking smart and professional as well.

Here in designertale.com we have also launched a marketplace for graphic designers to join and sell their design works and here we are currently selling professional mockups

So what do you say about designertale.com ?

→ You have big mockups here. This can help many designers so that they can impress the customers.

And lastly, what are the tips you will share with them who want to take graphic design as a career and what the opportunities they will have in the future to be a graphic designer?

→  I think designers need to devote themselves to it and really enjoy what they do. I work as a designer because I love what I do, I think in any profession, if you love what you do the progression will be an obvious consequence. I can not say about the opportunities they will have, but if they work hard the opportunities will appear

Visit Artsigma 99designs portfolio and make your logo for your brand success.

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