True CMYK Halftone Template

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Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of art and technology with our True CMYK Halftone Photoshop Template. This meticulously crafted template authentically replicates the CMYK printing process, delivering stunning results that evoke the charm of traditional printing methods. Explore versatile actions tailored for both beginners and advanced users, offering complete customization options for dot size, brightness, contrast, and more. With smart objects and filters at your disposal, unleash your creativity and witness the remarkable precision of Colorize Dots, while seamlessly integrating captivating backgrounds using Colorize Background actions. Embark on a journey beyond imagination and discover the perfect harmony of artistry and technological innovation.

Key Features:

  • Authentic CMYK Halftone Effect: Faithfully simulates the characteristics of traditional CMYK printing.
  • Versatile Actions: Tailored for users of all levels, offering a wide range of customizable actions.
  • Dot Size Adjustment: Fine-tune the size of halftone dots to achieve desired visual effects.
  • Brightness and Contrast Control: Take full control over the brightness and contrast levels for optimal results.
  • Black Paint Overlay: Add an extra layer of authenticity with the option to apply a black paint overlay.
  • Defects Adjustment: Enhance the vintage aesthetic with subtle color accuracy modifications and image distortion effects.
  • Colorize Dots: Expand the color palette of halftone prints for vibrant and vivid results.
  • Colorize Background: Add depth and consistency to designs with harmonious background colors.
  • Smart Objects and Filters: Effortlessly customize and experiment with different settings using smart objects and filters.
  • Suitable for Various Projects: Perfect for creating captivating posters, illustrations, album covers, and more, adding a unique vintage touch to your designs.

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