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13 Free Serif Fonts Collection

by Designertale in Designers, Fonts on June 13, 2022
serif fonts

Serif fonts are those that have little tails at the end of each letter. They’re often used in print media because they look good when printed.

There are so many different serif fonts out there, and each one has its own unique personality. You’ll find that some fonts are more suited to certain styles than others. Here’s a list of some of the best serif fonts available online.

1. Palash – Serif Font

b5511c76 be68 4a1d a468
15d269f7 aad6 480d 80c1
368385ef a76c 40ca 90e5
7edc89df 9116 44e3 b374

2. Mariona Serif Font

c355acaf 706c 452d a3f5
1d16920a c320 4053 a102
358b4125 a7d6 4590 82d7
92044631 61c9 4c5d ae80

3. Minthe – Serif Fonts

Minthe is a beautiful screen serif inspired by the well-known minimalist identity, ideal for developing templates, brochures, movies, advertising branding, logos, and more.
Minthe (OTF/TTF) is included.
Typical glyphs
International Accent Web Font is compatible with both PC and Mac.
Installations that are simple
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and even Microsoft Word are all accessible.


Characters encoded in PUA format are fully accessible without the need for additional design software. Multilingual support is included in the fonts.

efe177c2 ccd1 4676 ba7f
0b27b5a4 de6b 47df bcf3
44e26fea 011a 4586 a631
cd780874 037b 4e04 a62f

4. Fraternite Serif Fonts

Announcing Fraternite Serif Font, a new product with special curves and cut-ins that makes it one of the most recognizable caps fonts on the marketplace.
This font has both masculine and feminine aspects, making it ideal for fashion branding or editorial design. 
You may also use this font for logo and label design, apparel design, music, advertising, t-shirts, and brochures.

c72ee3e1 a3c2 41f5 835e
49dd7491 a015 42a8 b425
4e2406f9 fcfa 4a12 a32c
86facd44 7f46 40d9 9e08

5. London Serif Fonts

ce1ef1d5 18c5 4e80 9901
1aa092e9 f857 4070 a956
35c1c2a1 eda2 4166 b786
96b970fe 8066 4bb9 86bd

6. Cremiline Serif Fonts

0bec216c 6eef 430d 919c
2e68dd3b 10cb 4568 b2e2
34165d93 7633 4b76 994c
dbcd1c8d 15b0 4d22 ac36

7. Magnita- serif fonts

0524df5e 28a1 45f9 9b95
921163a0 ccd3 47a0 9d33
fa7fa76b 7f4b 4cbd 8f4d
17a3b435 1986 48ca a90c

8. Quiana – Serif Fonts

cfc2a400 ab10 4dde 8f57
2bd76acf 352d 44fa 8f8e
63185df8 da09 498b 8bd5
7d5c425b b226 428e ba54

9. Mafisha Serif Font

9d728a08 9512 4687 9252
34746cfe a0c6 4364 b557
36b4fd3d b4d3 4a4e 81b8
dd781b3e c520 4c86 8784

10. Workbar Serif Font

952c8535 25f4 4080 87f0
348df5ce b875 4d6d a7ef
66f36bb3 b2eb 4788 b232
af1ad002 82d8 49d6 8026

11. Yolinda Serif Font

e1771f25 27e9 4473 8446
181efd26 cb54 4bde b2ee
d166de80 85dc 4a8c b941
9b49463f eabd 430e ba9a

12. Belinda Serif Font

b04ecafa f411 4846 933a
021cb387 87aa 4a04 92cc
27adf338 dfbc 4034 aa98
8212794f b75c 496f 8731

13. Weigeland Serif Font

19efe600 a542 40b6 b0e7
03ea9cf3 8e33 4c47 9325
5b93d4fc 24ec 4e36 9b63
b01d020b e16b 4c69 91cf

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