19 free script typeface for graphic designers

19 Free Script Typeface For Graphic Designers

by Designertale in Fonts on April 15, 2022

Free Script Fonts for Graphic Designers is here. Free script fonts are ideal for logo design, signature design for photographers, packaging, and other creative needs.

By just including the selected collection of free script fonts in the project you’re working on, you can substantially improve your design.

These typefaces can be used in site mock-ups, tattoos, badges, emblems, headings, posters, packaging, t-shirts/clothing, greeting cards, and wedding invites, among other things.

1. Billenia – Free Script Font

Billenia is a handwritten typeface with stylistic alternatives and swashes that allow you to build your own signature style typography.
This typeface is multilingual, PUA encoded and comes in both OTF and TTF versions.

Artboard3 2ba9bf9e 465d 43ae 97e2
Artboard4 9d27cce2 9310 4488 a488
Artboard5 6d1b0dca b7e3 4366 a803
Artboard7 648bdb0f 7c3f 469d 97ce

2. Barcelony Signature

Barcelona Signature is a trendy monoline signature script that is attractive and clean. Barcelony Signature is ideal for branding projects, logos, wedding designs, social media posts, ads, product packaging, product designs, label, photography, watermarks, invitations, stationery, and any other projects that require a touch of handwriting.

Barcelony Preview 01 TM
Barcelony Preview 02
Barcelony Preview 03
Barcelony Preview 04
Barcelony Preview 05

3. Oraqle Script – Free Font

Oraqle Script is a free brush lettering font from Universal Hands with powerful strokes and genuine brush texture that will make your design pop.
Oraqle Script has a sleek design and great movement.
Logos, printed phrases, badges, insignias, packaging, headlines, posters, t-shirts/apparel, greeting cards, and wedding invitations are just a few examples of what you may do with it.

4. Lovebird – Free Lovely Script Font

Letterafa Studio’s Lovebird is a free gorgeous script typeface.
It contains flowing letters that will add a unique and pleasant aesthetic to your creations, as well as wonderful titling characteristics.
It also comes with a plethora of fantastic swashes and variants for creating stunning typographic designs. The Lovebird script font is perfect for greeting cards, packaging, branding, craft design, book titles, wedding invitation, packaging, and so more.

2 7687df97 44b7 4c78 bb0a
3 e5ae34ad 96ba 42c1 989d
4 897dd4a3 bafe 4f9b 90c6
5 99561acf 1b4c 4490 8f3d
6 e65b1d5e a73a 4030 ad3d
7 bf45aa10 5b74 49fa bc01

5. Voltury Vintage Script

Voltury is a vintage typeface created by the hand lettering. This script was deliberately designed to have a good flow and character and was inspired by classic American signage and packaging.

1 6
3 2
4 3
5 3
8 2

6. Oliotton Script Font

Oliotton Script typeface free version is to be used for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
No commercial usage is permitted. You can spend any amount if you wish to use this typeface for business purposes.

Oliotton prev 01
Oliotton prev 02
Oliotton prev 03
Oliotton prev 04
Oliotton prev 05

7. Yolanda Love Script

Yolanda is an elegant script typeface with a changing baseline, a smooth line, a modern feel, and a passion for depth.
It may be used for different applications such as headers, weddings, invitations, signatures, logos, branding, t-shirts, letterhead, signage, label, news, posters, badges, and so on for those of you who need a touch of love and modernism in your designs or branding.

2 copy 1
3 copy 1
4 copy 2
6 copy 1
6a copy

8. Briele – Free Script Font Trio

Briele is a collection of Pixel Surplus’s free-hand drawn script typefaces.
It includes three font files, including an italic and alternative variant, as well as a swash font!
It’s ideal for stationery, logos, branding, posters, social media, ad banners, wedding invites, greeting cards, and a whole lot more!


9. Alisson Script

Alisson is a beautiful script typeface.
It has a modern and stylish appearance that may be utilized to bring a unique personal touch to your projects.
Logos, branding, invites, stationery, wedding designs, social media, commercials, labels, watermarks, and much more can all be done with it.


10. Rainbay Script

Rainbay Script is a completely free typeface that you may use in any project, whether personal or commercial. Logos, branding, invitations, stationery, wedding designs, social media, advertising, labels, and watermarks may can all be done with it.


11. Kallem Script- Free Font

Khaiuns has released Kallem Script, a new attractive modern typeface with natural shifting widths.
This typeface is ideal for signature logos, watermarks, wedding invites, and many more uses.

1 8f78e19d 73fb 49b4 a086

12. Adrenaline – Free Script Font

Adrenaline is a colorful, contemporary, and multi-purpose script typeface developed by Larin Type Co.
This typeface is ideal for logos, prints, quotations, magazine headings, and clothes, among many other applications.

2 2de759f0 6610 4a35 983d
3 f3fcd443 f651 4741 b20c
4 9fcd1b5f 9505 407d a1e8
6 e2b5a538 62cd 4e39 a378
7 820cca90 677b 4ac9 9324

13. Janelle Script

The Janille font is a lovely script typeface.
Its handwritten look is ideal for logos, wedding invitations, birthday cards, quotations, headlines, posters, and any other design that calls for a sophisticated font. This typeface includes swashes, which may give a lovely touch to any creative project.

1. Cover2
4. Preview
6. Preview
7. Preview
3. Preview

14. Punch Limit – Free Script Font

Punch Limit is a funny free-hand-painted script typeface created by Maulana Semar.
It has bold capital letters that create a great statement, as well as naturally flowing lowercase letters.
Great for editorial and magazine design, as well as advertisements, promotions, and package design.
The whole product, which includes a sans serif matching font and a full script version with 15 sets of capital letter alternatives, may be purchased here.

1 2e54b137 0e4c 4d45 8ff4
2 c17fd13f 878f 43d8 9f96
3 0d3feccf 2c60 4ca9 9d64
6 3e868af6 e255 457e b370
12 8ee9caae 994e 4a9d b1da

15. Prestyn – Monoline Script Font

Prestyn is a beautiful monoline script typeface with a rounded edge.
Prestyn is ideal for trademark style logos, quotations, stationery, and much more because to its big looping caps.

16. Mightam Script Font

Migtham Handstylish Font would like to welcome you!
Logo, badge, packaging, headline, poster, t-shirt/apparel, greeting card, and wedding invitation are the best matches.
The flowing letters are perfect for creating appealing statements.
Migtham Font is the epitome of contemporary calligraphy and design!

a 011
a 02
a 03
a 061
a 071

17. Rustelyn – Script Font

Rustelyn is a hand-drawn script typeface with three different styles: standard, slant, and slant extra.
This fashionable script font is ideal for quotations, modern logos, clothes, and more.

1 ec044c95 826f 4c45 b55e
2 2603ee08 9090 4647 9b22
3 599eb96b eef1 43df b3d9
4 ce3ec011 59bd 476d 83b6
5 04f6f983 8d43 483c a3b8
6 be12340f 14b2 4d5b 91ea

18. Tropical – Signature Script Font

Tropical is an eye-catching hand-drawn script typeface with a distinct characteristic style.
Its lengthy descenders definitely set it apart. This product comes with a lot of ligatures and swashes, so you can quickly make logos, quotations, and marketing materials with only a few clicks.

1 4031da59 423f 4464 8cc0
2 0ddfbae6 3ff8 4a94 a8fc
3 0e99c2ab b885 41cc bbee
4 904b2e0f 7254 416e aaee
5 457a8025 1584 405a ad94

19. Restless – Free Brush Script

Hustle Supply Co.’s Restless is a lovely free-hand-drawn brush script.
It has a signature style with natural flowing characters created with an authentic brush feel.
The loose baseline lends a relaxed feel to this font, making it ideal for quotes, signature logos, cards, packaging, and more.

Restless Long
Restless Long
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