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9+ Manga Fonts for Your Comic Masterpieces

by Amiya Nandy in Fonts, Designers on April 28, 2024

Last updated on May 2nd, 2024 at 07:43 am

On the hunt for the best manga fonts to elevate your next project? Manga, the beloved Japanese comic art form, has captivated audiences worldwide with its unique blend of captivating storylines and visually stunning graphics.

Fonts play a pivotal role in manga design, enhancing the overall visual impact of the narrative. With a plethora of options to choose from, selecting the right manga font can be a daunting task.

But fear not! In this article, we’ve curated a collection of 18 standout manga font samples to spark your creativity and inspire your future designs. Whether you’re crafting a poster, a manga comic book, or any other project, these fonts are sure to infuse your artwork with authenticity and visual allure.

Explore our handpicked selection of manga fonts and unlock a world of possibilities for your next creative endeavor. And for more font inspiration, be sure to check out our compilations of Japanese fonts and Asian fonts.

What Are the Best Manga Fonts?

Manga fonts hold a special allure for designers seeking to infuse their projects with the dynamic visual style of Japanese comics. These fonts range from sleek and modern to whimsically expressive, offering a diverse array of options to suit any manga-inspired creation. Drawing inspiration from the captivating world of manga, these fonts bring authenticity and flair to your designs.

Why Choose the Best Manga Fonts?

Selecting the best manga fonts for your project brings a multitude of benefits and opportunities for creative expression.

Firstly, manga fonts possess a unique ability to capture the essence of Japanese comic art, instantly immersing viewers in the vibrant world of manga. With their distinct character and style, these fonts add depth and authenticity to your designs, elevating them to new heights of visual impact.

Moreover, manga fonts offer unparalleled versatility, allowing you to tailor your typography to suit the tone and aesthetic of your project. Whether you’re crafting a manga comic, poster, or digital artwork, there’s a manga font that perfectly complements your creative vision.

Thanks to their popularity and availability, a wealth of exceptional manga fonts can be easily accessed online, making it effortless to find the perfect font for your project.

9+ Manga Fonts for Your Comic Masterpieces

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Best Manga Fonts Collections : Image Credit - Envato Elements

1. Mangaka – Cartoon Kids Boom Manga Font

 Mangaka - Cartoon Kids Boom Manga Font
Image Credit: Envato Elements

Mangaka – Cartoon Kids Boom Manga Font is the ultimate choice for adding a playful and energetic touch to your design projects. Perfect for banners, merchandise, posters, flyers, and more, this font stands out with its unique cartoon feel. Enjoy effortless design with easy-to-use features and create standout results that are simply amazing. Get access to all characters, numbers, and punctuation for both PC and Mac, and enjoy simple installations with PUA encoding included. Let your creativity soar with Mangaka font and bring your designs to life with a vibrant, dynamic appeal.

2. Hey Comic Manga Fonts For Kids Designs

Hey comic manga fonts
Image Credit: Envato Elements

Discover “Tattoo Beast,” your gateway to the world of the “best tattoo number fonts.” This font is an exquisite, distinctive, and meticulously crafted vintage black letter typeface. Whether you’re in search of the perfect font for product logos, poster titles, headlines, packaging, badges, clothing brand logos, vintage designs, or any creative project, “Tattoo Beast” is a must-have addition to your font library. With its elegant and versatile style, this font is designed to elevate your designs to new heights.

Included in this font package are:

  • Tattoo Beast (OTF/TTF)
  • Tattoo Beast Italic (OTF/TTF)
  • Tattoo Beast Ornament (OTF/TTF)

Enhance your creative endeavors with the timeless charm of “Tattoo Beast,” making it one of the best tattoo number fonts for your design needs.

3. Best Friends Comic Manga Font

Best Friends Comic Manga Font
Image Credit: Envato Elements

Introducing “Wildstyle | Chicano Tattoo Style,” your ultimate choice for the number tattoo fonts.” This exceptional font encompasses both the essence of wildstyle and the Chicano tattoo style, making it the perfect addition to your creative arsenal. With a comprehensive character set, it includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, an extensive selection of punctuation marks, and captivating ligatures.

4. The Last Shuriken – Japanese Style Manga Font

The Last Shuriken – Japanese Style Manga Font
Image Credit: Designcuts

Embrace the essence of Japanese culture with ‘The Last Shuriken’ manga font. Bold and inspired by modern Japanese branding and anime, this all-capitals typeface boasts a striking stroke and diverse shapes. Perfect for various displays, including Japanese food, logos, posters, and apparel, it comes complete with stylistic alternates and multilingual support. Elevate your designs with this captivating font set, available in both OTF and TTF formats for seamless integration across platforms.

5. Tricky Jimmy – Comic Cartoon Manga Font

Tricky Jimmy - Comic Cartoon Manga Font
Image Credit: Envato Elements

Elevate your manga designs with ‘Manga Tricky Jimmy,’ a comic cartoon manga font. Perfect for online games, posters, movie titles, and more, its simple yet playful shape exudes happiness in every word. The Tricky Jimmy family includes OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats, covering basic Latin characters, numbers, and punctuation. Compatible with various design software, this font is easily accessible for both PC and Mac users. Unleash your creativity with Manga Tricky Jimmy and spread smiles with every design!

6. Monthly Goals A Playful Font

Month goals manga playful fonts
Image Credit: Envato Elements

Manga Monthly Goals is one of the best manga fonts used for various design projects. This playful font adds a delightful touch to headings, flyers, greeting cards, product packaging, book covers, and more. With both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as punctuation and numbers, ‘Manga Monthly Goals’ offers versatility for Mac and Windows users alike. Elevate your designs with this charming manga font!

Discover Limitless Design Options: Envato Elements Offers 14 Million+ Fonts and Design Elements on Monthly Subscription!

7. Comicon Comic Manga Typeface

Comicon comic maga typeface
Image Credit: Creativemarket

Manga Comicon | Comic Type Pack! Elevate your comic-style or cartoon projects with this dynamic collection inspired by the hand-lettered work of comic book artists. Featuring six comic type styles with bold display faces and outlined dimensional complements, this pack offers versatility for titles needing dramatic emphasis. With upper and lower case characters, numbers, standard punctuation, and multilingual support, it provides everything you need for captivating designs. Free updates and feature additions ensure ongoing value, making Manga Comicon | Comic Type Pack a must-have for your creative toolkit.

8. Whoosh! Comic Book/Cartoon Font

Whoosh comic manga font
Image Credit: Creativemarket

HISTORIC script font is designed to embody the tattoo style and is packed with advanced features, including captivating uppercase letters, numerals, an extensive range of punctuation marks, and full multilingual support. HISTORIC is not just a regular font; it is a highly professional script font that can add an extra edge to your creative projects.

Key features of HISTORIC include:

  • Uppercase Letters
  • Numerals
  • Diverse Range of Punctuation Marks
  • Full Multilingual Support

9. Kolorans Funny Display Font

Kolorans Funny Display Font
Image Credit: Creativemarket

Kolorans Funny Display Font brings a delightful touch to your designs with its cute and whimsical style. As a comic display font, it exudes a playful charm, featuring bold and slightly exaggerated letterforms that evoke a lighthearted feel. With its cute and quirky appearance, Kolorans is ideal for comic books, titles, posters, and other projects where a friendly and approachable look is desired.

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