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11 Awesome Printable Portfolio Templates

by Designertale in Templates on March 1, 2022

Last updated on May 1st, 2024 at 10:13 am

In this post, you will get the best printable portfolio templates for a better presentation of a professional graphic design portfolio, branding of a company and its product portfolio, product catalogs, and agency-based projects.
Not only that you can make an awesome branding of items and project pricing of a company with the help of these awesome printable portfolio templates.
There are the portfolio template bundles editable with Adobe InDesign and in software like Canva.


1. ROSE : Creative Portfolio

This is an eye-catching portfolio template for Adobe InDesign. It’s easy to use and edit, and it’s a lovely way to show off your work to clients. It can be printed or sent as a pdf document. Indesign document with 24 pages and two sizes: a4 and us letter 2 adobe InDesign compatible alternative covers include cs4, cs5, cs5.5, cs6, and cc.


2. Mod Portfolio

Mod Portfolio is a 40-page Adobe InDesign portfolio that comes in two sizes: DIN A4 and US Letter. Based on a photography portfolio, this modern design template works well as a lookbook, photobook, brochure, or catalog. Combine and repeat the spreads as needed to meet your project’s requirements. You may either print it or send it as a PDF.

mod portfolio by moscovita 1
mod portfolio by moscovita 2
mod portfolio by moscovita 3
mod portfolio by moscovita 6
mod portfolio by moscovita 10
mod portfolio by moscovita 12
mod portfolio by moscovita 14

3. Melrose-Creative Portfolio

The Melrose Creative Portfolio complements the Polaroid Social Media kit perfectly. It has a 24-page design with on-trend layouts that are perfect for photographers, designers, businesses, stylists, and other professionals.

In addition to clean and careful typography, the layouts feature detailed visual components from polaroids and contact sheets.

We chose a palette that works well with soft hues, fabric details, still life, and fashion pictures, but the Melrose Creative Portfolio is a terrific way to present your work in an elegant and professional manner regardless of your style.

The template is modifiable in Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Indesign, and it comes in two sizes (US Letter and A4), so you may print it no matter where you are.

folio studio standard a
folio studio standard2
folio studio standard3
folio studio standard8
folio studio standard5
folio studio standard6
folio studio standard4
folio studio standard9

4. Brand Guidelines By Occy

This is a professional and tidy brand guidelines template. It was made in Adobe InDesign and includes 42-page papers in two print sizes: US Letter and International A4.

This template is appropriate for a wide range of clients. Logo, color, typography, digital, stationery, photography, and others are among the 7 components included in the template.

Indesign allows you to alter whatever you see. All of the colors can be readily altered. All of the texts are set in free typefaces, with download links included.


5. Proposal Pitch Pack

This pitch collection includes 14 Adobe Indesign templates that cover everything from introductions (cover letters and resumes), to pitching (briefings, proposals, and quotations/estimates), to design (mood and concept design sheets), and ultimately billing (invoice).

The preview images are light blue and grey, but you can easily modify the colors to match your brand colors using the color palette (changing colors with only one click through the document).

InDesign files from CS4 to CC2015 are included in the package. Text, colors, styles, and images are all easily editable elements of the design. The photos featured in the preview aren’t included in the package).


6. Santona Brand Guidelines

Landscape Version of THE SANTONA / Brand Guidelines Template

The minimalist-inspired Santona Brand Guidelines template is available in both A4 and US letter sizes. This template has a versatile color palette and focuses on simple clean lines and a powerful grid. It’s simple to change the logo and brand colors to your own.

This template was created to be as adaptable as possible for a wide range of clients. This template is divided into eight sections and is jam-packed with features. Brand Strategy, Logo, Color, Typography, Imagery, Stationery, Social Media, and Definitions are among the sections. The majority of the copy in this template can be used.

Spreads & Pages (Document Setup) have just been added, allowing you to print or export as PDF.

santona cm new cover
santona cm new mockup 1
1 cover 1820x1214
2 layout 7 1820x1214
3 layout 2 1820x1214
4 closeup 1
8 layout 4 1820x1214
9 all spreads

7. Media Press Kit

The media package we created includes 16 slides that may be edited in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign.

Everything is completely customizable, and it comes in two sizes: US Letter and A4. Replace the content with your own, then print it or save it as a pdf and send it through email.

media pack studio standard10c
media pack studio standard
media pack studio standard9
media pack studio standard2
media pack studio standard3
media pack studio standard4
media pack studio standard7
media pack studio standard8

8. Business Proposal Vol.7

This is a modern and powerful proposal template. With 20 pages, you can make a lot of different spreads.

2 spreads
22 spreads

9. Services And Pricing Guide Template

Guide to Services and Pricing Canva template for service-based businesses, virtual assistants, social media managers, copywriters, coaches, and freelancers, among others… In US Letter and A4 sizes, there are 55 completely customizable template pages. Perfect for enhancing your brand and giving your clients a pleasant onboarding experience.

This Canva template was created with CANVA users in mind, so you can save time and produce a pixel-perfect, professional-looking Services & Pricing Guide in no time. To add text and photos, as well as modify fonts and colors, use the simple drag-and-drop interface. Choose from a variety of page variants, then copy and rearrange them to create an infinite number of layouts.

1 services pricing guide clinet proposal welcome packet workbook ebook template canva
2 services pricing guide clinet proposal welcome packet workbook ebook template canva
3 services pricing guide clinet proposal welcome packet workbook ebook template canva
4 services pricing guide clinet proposal welcome packet workbook ebook template canva
5 services pricing guide clinet proposal welcome packet workbook ebook template canva
7 services pricing guide clinet proposal welcome packet workbook ebook template canva
8 services pricing guide clinet proposal welcome packet workbook ebook template canva

10. Kreatype Annual Report

The yearly report template is simple and innovative. This layout is appropriate for any project and is simple to use, change, and adjust to your specifications.

full preview

11. Odessa-Brand Guidelines

The Odessa Brand Guidelines are a timeless, simple style that was inspired by Aesop, one of my favourite businesses.

This template was created to be as adaptable as possible for a wide range of clients. This template is divided into seven parts and is jam-packed with features. The Brand, Logo, Color Palette, Typography, Imagery, Application, and Contact are among the sections.

Mockups include iPad, iPhone, Stationery, Canvas bag, and Notebook vectors.

The vast bulk of the copy in this template is actually useful.

Bonus: Includes four-vector color wheels that you can customize to match your brand’s color scheme.

odessa brand guidelines cover
odessa brand guidelines 10
odessa brand guidelines 4
odessa brand guidelines 12
odessa brand guidelines 11
odessa brand guidelines 5
odessa brand guidelines 6
odessa brand guidelines 16
odessa brand guidelines 15

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