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Men Hoodie Mockup

How to use male pullover hoodie mockup

variations of men hoodie mockup high resolution and photo-realistic effects of men hoodie mockup editability options of men hoodie mockup inside of the psd files of men hoodie mockup base images of men hoodie mockup

Introducing men hoodie mockup which is an intelligent way to promote logos, patterns, and textures for our graphic designers. This men hoodie mockup has no zippers so it showcases any fabric design or pattern without interruption or distraction. This male pullover hoodie mockup is editable in every possible way to make it a must-have for our creative hoodie designers.


  • Artboard resolution: 6000 x 4000 pixels.
  • Editable product resolution: 2438 x 3342 pixels.
  • Editability: Color & design changeable.
  • Image quality: 300dpi.
  • Layers: Organized & Color coded.
  • No. of PSD files: 2
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