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Polo T Shirt Mock Up Template

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Men Polo t-shirt Photoshop Mockup Template Usage Video User Manual

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These are the latest 2019 updated versions on our three separate polo t-shirt mockup PSD templates we have updated for t-shirt designers to present their t-shirt designs with the use of our polo t-shirt mockup.
Now you will have more flexibility to change the design on the separate part of these polo t-shirt mockups front, side and back versions PSD templates.
You will now change the color and designs on the collar area, sleeves and hand ribs area. In those areas, we have created and updated with the separate Photoshop smart object where your t-shirt design will take just seconds to showcase with our polo t-shirt mockup templates.
You will need to replace your design on only one smart object to take the changing place on every part of the t-shirt mockup.
All these neck t-shirt mockup Photoshop template collections are useful to showcase striped t-shirt designs and single color designs as well.
What you will get extra on this 2019 updated version:
  • 3 different views polo shirt mockup versions – i.e. Front, Back and side views.
  • Change the smart object once with your design and your polo t-shirt design will be replaced on the mockups
  • More Photorealistic view of the logo with a realistic emboss effect.
  • T-shirt collar color changes easily.
  • Change sleeve color matching with the t-shirt base color.
  • Easy edit smart layer to change the design for each view.
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Polo T Shirt Mock Up Template | | Designertale

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Polo T Shirt Mock Up Template | | Designertale

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Polo T Shirt Mock Up Template | | Designertale

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Polo T Shirt Mock Up Template | | Designertale

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Polo T Shirt Mock Up Template | | Designertale

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