How to increase your earning as a graphic designer

How To Increase Your Daily Income As A Graphic Designer

by Designertale in Marketing on November 6, 2021

You all want to increase your daily income as a graphic designer, Right!

You are fit under these two categories if you are a Graphic Designer.

Either you are a Freelance Graphic Designer who seeks projects on different freelance websites i.e. Upwork, freelancer.com, Fiverr, etc. (We started the same as mentioned as a freelance graphic designer) 


you are a creator of digital graphics and sell those on different graphic design websites like envato.com, graphicriver.com, designbundles.com, designcuts.com, etc, or on your website as we do in designertale.com.

If you are in the first phase of your graphic designer journey and working as a freelance graphic designer then you are in need of regular clients to make a living with your graphic design self-employment.

For this, you are to spend more time bidding on the sites mentioned above and you spend a lot of time just bidding.

As a graphic designer, I faced similar problems. 

We all are graphic designers, marketers, bidders, and promoters of our work. All the different hats we wear when we work as graphic designers.

And you only get paid for the hours you genuinely do the design work only.

Then the question is how can you increase your daily income as a graphic designer when you are to do all the works and you get the least time.

All we have the same 24 hours a day.

Let’s do some mathematical calculations so that you get to learn how you can increase your daily income.

You get – 24 separate hours a day.

  • 4 Hours: You only get paid for the hours you do the design work let’s assume it is 2-4 hours you hold the mouse and use your software for design work.
  • 4 Hours: You do the revisions for 4 hours on average and the communication, file preparation, and email to the clients all are included (Not get paid for this time).
  • 3 Hours: You do bidding – To get the clients / Projects (Not get paid for this also)
  • 13 Hours: Household works, Necessary works.

Now you only get paid for the 4 hours you work genuinely on the projects.

Here is the catch. Boom!

Just invest more time in the design work and less on Bidding or Talking to the client.

So what if you just get more time invested with the design work then you can work more on the design part and you get paid more.

Now you have a question now, right?

Q. How will we get more clients if we spend less time bidding?

A. There are two models I will discuss to overcome this problem.

If you really want to increase your daily income as a graphic designer then you must have to use the –

Model Number One

Repeated Clients: How many times have you worked with the same clients twice maybe it is not various times. You always get back to bidding when finishing one project and spend time on bidding again. What if you get the same client with multiple projects so that your bidding time will be saved and you can spend more time on your work hours…

You must know the trick to get such a client and it is only possible if you create some offers. 

Most likely when you get a project you must think about the problem the particular customer is facing. If you know the pain point of the customer then you will know the person has various problem they have and you can solve it with your design work.

Then you can create an offer or discount for the first project you are working on for him and give him a solution framework for the next problem they are facing.

Here is an example that best fits your client if you are currently working on a design project.

Let’s assume you are working on a logo design project for a client then you must know they have a business or store for this they want a logo. 

Then you can ask for a discount if they buy a Facebook page designed for their business with you and a business card, flyer, banner, social media cover images, or post designs for their business.

And so on you start creating the projects and keep him as a repeated customer.

Model Number Two

Using your own website: You can not ignore having your own website if you are in your graphic design business. You may think of the projects you will only get from bidding.

But if you want to get more clients directly then you must give full attention to building your own website and put it in automation to get more clients and save your time for the bidding work to increase your daily income as a graphic designer.

Most of the time you have your own website to just showcase your design work but you never use it as a powerful machine that can generate projects for you.

You find hardship to get more traffic on your website but if you do not work behind it then how can you increase your daily income as a graphic designer.

What if all the websites where you are bidding on currently stop working.

Then you will stop working too? 

Of course not, right?

Then why you are putting all your eggs in the same basket.

If you just get the example from us.

We have a shop on Creative Market, Designcuts, Freepik and we are generating great revenue from there but we have also set up our own website so that if everything stops we can generate revenue from our own website.

Also, we are earning more profits from our own website rather than the other three.

So if you want to increase your daily income as a graphic designer you must acquire the marketing knowledge to work more on the production work and you must run your own website as a powerful automation machine so that it can generate more clients working for you 24×7, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

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