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13 Best Procreate Brushes For Graphic Designers

by Designertale in Procreate Brushes on May 6, 2022

You may quickly draw any beautiful artwork or animation with the help of Procreate brushes. These Procreate Brushes are very clean and soft, easy to use, and ideal for drawing and painting sketches. Nothing needs to be changed; everything has already been done.

These Procreate brushes are very easy to use, just open your Procreate app and start drawing. We’ve included various kinds of brushes to help you create amazing drawings.

Procreate brush is only for iPad users and you can explore all brushes for digital design or sketching.

1. Magical Textures, Procreate Brushes

These Brushes for sketching, drawing outlines, shading, adding texture and patterns, and more are included in the package.

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2. Calligraffiti Pro Procreate Brush Set

Year after year, Procreate’s wonderful technologies improve, allowing us to convey the organic nature of our analog art to the screen, as well as all of the benefits of working digitally. It’s a lot easier to “reverse” a digital stroke than it is to erase a wet paintbrush or a splattering spray paint flare. While Procreate is an incredible digital tool for creating the final artwork.

01 Cover
03 Chisels A
04 Chisels B

3. Ink & Watercolor Brushes for Procreate

Bring the perfect combination of ink and watercolor to your iPad with this app! This set includes opaque inks, diluted watercolor brushes, and a variety of rich textures. With these watercolor brushes, you can create ultra-real effects and that happy-accident analog style.

WoolyPronto Ink and Watercolor for Procreate
Ink and Watercolor for Procreate2 scaled
Ink and Watercolor for Procreate4 scaled

4. Pencil Brushes Procreate Pack of 22

This set, built with genuine pencils and inspired by real artists, brings the texture, feel, and beauty of graphite pencils to your iPad!

We have pencils for all purposes, including sketching, shading, drawing, and simply having fun. Every brush is one-of-a-kind and designed with a specific task in mind.

pencil 1x
pencil 2
pencil 5
pencil 6

5. Instant Artist Procreate Brushes

The Instant Artist Brush Collection consists of 46 brushes that can assist you in achieving creative outcomes, even if you are a complete novice!
With each stroke, you’ll feel like an expert!
The title is a touch tongue-in-cheek, but that is the true goal of this brush collection. Every Pencil stroke should make you feel like a pro and produce real artistic results.

instant artist lisa glanz 01
instant artist lisa glanz 02
instant artist lisa glanz 03
instant artist lisa glanz 05
instant artist lisa glanz 06

6. The Ultimate Canvas Creator

We’re thrilled to announce The Ultimate Canvas Creator, an exclusive pack brought to you by Nathan Brown of Trailhead Design Co. and Design Cuts. This set, which has been months in the making, was designed to bring an aspect of unmatched realism to your digital art. Once you’ve experienced painting on these surfaces, you’ll never go back to a plain white screen again.

ult canvas creator cover 2
ult canvas promo 2
ult canvas promo 3
ult canvas promo 4
ult canvas promo 5

7. Procreate Ink Brushes – Set of 36

Only the iOS software Procreate for iPad is compatible with these brushes. They aren’t compatible with Photoshop or other digital sketching and editing programs.


8. Master Watercolor Procreate Brushes

All of the hours I’ve spent road testing this brush collection have culminated in this newest release. As a consequence, there are 148 brushes grouped in a way that makes them easy to find when working on a painting. All of the brushes have been tested using high-quality professional paints and papers, and I feel that this level of quality can be seen in each brush stroke.

th mwc first image
th mwc promo 2
th mwc promo 3
th mwc promo 5
th mwc promo 8

9. Ultimate Brush Toolbox – Watercolor

The Ultimate Brush Toolbox, which took 5 months to create, includes an amazingly comprehensive set of watercolor brushes. It was critical to me that the set be constructed in a manner that was real and loyal to the source material.

ult watercolor first image
Ultimate Brush Toolbox Watercolor 2
Ultimate Brush Toolbox Watercolor 3

10. Ultimate Brush Toolbox – Pencils

The Ultimate Brush Toolbox, which took 5 months to create, includes this amazingly comprehensive assortment of pencil brushes. It was critical to me that the set be constructed in a manner that was real and loyal to the source material.

ult pencils first image
Ultimate Brush Toolbox Pencils 2
Ultimate Brush Toolbox Pencils 3
Ultimate Brush Toolbox Pencils 5

11. The Pastel Pro Pack

Pastels are a great way to bridge the gap between sketching and painting. When it comes to digital art, the lines between what is acceptable and what is not are often blurred, thus we need brushes that can do it all.

creativemarket p1
creativemarket p2
creativemarket p5
creativemarket p7

12. Ultimate Brush Toolbox – Pastels

The Ultimate Brush Toolbox, which took 5 months to create, includes this amazingly wide assortment of pastel brushes. It was critical to me that the set be constructed in a manner that was real and loyal to the source material.

ult pastel first image
Ultimate Brush Toolbox Pastels 2
Ultimate Brush Toolbox Pastels 3

13. Oil Brushes for Procreate

There are 57 brushes in this flexible Oil Brush Set for Procreate App. They’re all dynamic, pressure-sensitive, and incredibly simple to use for an intuitive workflow. Scumbling, blending, glazing, alla prima, blocking in, impasto, and other conventional oil painting methods are all possible with it. The oil painting experience that comes closest to being natural!

untitled artwork
untitled artwork 36
untitled artwork 34
untitled artwork 37
untitled artwork 38
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